Claire Mooney Health



What ails us all stems from the same root cause- there are energetic blockages creating imbalances in your system. What if I told you we could remove those blockages and help bring you to a better version of yourself?

My Philosophy

What I aim to do with my work is to help you feel your best, to feel balanced and centered, with the potential for expansion and growth.

Using SourcePoint Therapy™ and acupuncture, I facilitate this by holding space and helping guide your healing process. This is a whole-system kind of healing. If you feel pain in your knees, we may remove blockages from your abdomen, your shoulder, your left pinky toe, and that pain in your knees is gone as quickly as it arrived. The order in which blockages are removed creates a domino effect, continuing until all blockages are removed. When this occurs and the information of your true energy (we call this your Blueprint) flows easily, this is when you become your higher self, you become you, at your higher potential. Your knees not only no longer hurt, but you feel at peace, your mind is quiet, and you feel centered, connected, with more space in your breath. And that change you just made, it shifted you. That shift stays, and helps other shifts begin.

The range of issues that can be addressed are vast, from gynecological/infertility to arthritic or physical injuries to 'I just don't feel like myself these days.'

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.


773 234 6250, feel free to text!

Located at Magnolia House, 2908 W. Fullerton #205